The rise and fall of any company whether big or small lies on the quality of its workforce – its workers. For this reason, proper screening of the workers is a must. In this case, a recruitment organization can help you. Thus, we would like to introduce to you our company.


We are a duly license recruitment agent in the Philippines, for almost ten years, we offer you assistance in supplying manpower. We specializes in mobilization of Filipino workers in the Middle East countries especially Gulf countries, we also cater to some Asian countries like Malaysia. At present, we are supplying manpower to more than 60 clients; our main clients are as follows:

1. Saudi Industrial Construction & Engineering Project Ltd.  (K.S.A)
2. Al Arrab Trading & Contracting Co. Ltd. ( Qatar / U.A.E )
3. Al Arrab Electromechanical Engineering (U.A.E)
4. Specialized Electromechanical  Energy (SEMECO)( Qatar )
5. Punj Lloyd Limited (Road/Bridges Construction) ( India / U.A.E)
6. Alkomed Engineering Services Co. W.L.L. ( Bahrain )
7. Arabian Cement Co.  (K.S..A)
8. Qatar Hydraulic Co.   ( Qatar )
9. Midal Cable Ltd.         ( Bahrain )
10. Al Saadi Holding Co.- Abdul Latif Jameel Co. Ltd (K.S.A)
11. Daihasu Motors Ltd. ( Sudan )
12. Suzuki Saudia            (K.S.A)
13. Kuwait Automotive Imports Co. (Kaiko) ( Kuwait )
14. Jelco Spa ( Toyota Distributor)   ( Algeria )
15. Prince lights Co.  ( Qatar )
16. Kuwait Gulf Co.  ( Kuwait )
17. Al-Yousif Hospital for Medical Services (K.S.A)
18. S.A.R.L SOVAC (Importer VW, Audi, Seat & Skoda)  (Sudan)

We can deploy professionals, skilled and non-skilled workers in Engineering, Medical & Services fields.

In case you need our services, please contact us.

Our complete contact for your reference, as follows:

1955 Leon Guinto St., Malate Manila
License No. 093-LB-051607-R
Telephone Numbers:

0063(2)536-8406 (General Operations)
Fax Number: 0063(2)525-1928
Email Address: noorsecretary2007@yahoo.com and noorintl@skyinet.net


Our company agrees to replace in our expense the workers who are repatriated for causes listed and stipulated hereunder:

1. Contact workers who are found to be physically unfit for the job.
Coverage of the guaranty does not cover diseases that will require special procedures and examinations for
 their detection such as bronchoscopy, chole-GI, etc.

2. Contract workers who are found unfit and incompetent for their job they have applied for during the first
ninety (90) days of employment from date of their arrival at the job site.

Provided, however, that the said worker has not been selected by the employer. This covers only the
workers who are selected and finalized by NOOR INT'L PERSONEL SERVICES, INC.

Furthermore, if the employer finalized the selection by himself, the company’s responsibility falls only if the selected worker is unfit physically.

In addition, if the employer decides to dismiss the worker for being incompetent for the job, we should be furnished with a legal document which is signed and which bears the thumb mark of the dismissed worker.

This document should also be authenticated by the Philippine Embassy near the company’s site to prevent
any complaint here in the Philippines.

Please note that we will refer the repatriated worker to a reliable trade test center to re-evaluate him and whatever the result maybe it will be taken into consideration before we will take responsibility for the repatriated worker.